Monday, March 10, 2014

Not Creative Enough to Think of a Clever Title

9 March 2014 Chiba

It's Monday again!

Where did the week go??? I think I say this every week but...this week flew by! It was great!

I'm having a hard time remembering what happened this if this ends up being a short and unexciting email I apologize now in advance.

This week the other pair of shimai (ed: sisters) moved out. They both were transferred to other areas. Our apartment seems much bigger now...and much quieter too. Because they left we inherited all of the people they were teaching. We are excited for what this week will bring. I'm really excited to get to teach the lady from the Philippines again! I loved her!

Friday, we went to eikaiwa (ed: English class) out in Goi. Thanks to our TV advertisement we had a lot more people there! And they had brought their kids too! We had enough to finally hold a kids eikaiwa class. It was tons of fun.

All the kids were so excited and happy to be there. They were all very smart too and caught on pretty quickly! Our theme that day was body parts. We sang head, shoulders, knees and toes. We started off slow and then sped up. They thought that was really fun. Then we had them 
draw a person. They ended up looking kinda funny...

And to end we played telephone. 

The first word we did was "belly button". So each of us whispered the word into the first two children's ears and they continued down their line. By the time it got to the parents at the end of each line, the word had been changed completely. As the adults had the word whispered to them they made the funniest faces! These were the results:

I also received a package from "home" kind of. It was a skirt that didn't find me in Utah before I left there. It fits perfectly and  I love it! Thank you Mama and Papa!

Editor's notes: In the background you can see a bit of her apartment. Note the size of the doorway. She must have to watch her head continually when entering and exiting buildings and rooms. Reminds me of Alice, in Wonderland!