Tuesday, April 29, 2014


28 April 2014 Oyumino Chiba

This week was amazing! It flew by. I don't know where it went. Sister Hubner and I had so much fun!

We talked so much Nihongo this week that our English is ca-put. Our words just aren't coming out how they are supposed to and I've developed an odd sort of "wisp" for some words. "S" comes out like a "sh" a little too often and my "L" sound doesn't always sound like an L.         

But it's ok. 

Every day I amaze myself with the things I know how to say. We decided we needed different things to say when we house. I decided what I would say in English and then during language study, this morning, I planned to use the entire time to translate. Turns out I actually knew how to say everything! Wow!

Who knew!

So the remainder of my time I spend reading out of the Book of Mormon in nihongo. I can read pretty fast now. The nihonjin read 100 times faster still, but I'm getting there. And I can understand enough of a verse to get the general idea. It's great, I learn grammar principles and new words, and practice my pronunciation all in one shot.

I love Japanese! It's hard. And I don't like that. But the language has really grown on me.

Two boys who followed us around for about 15 minutes.
They had us read everything on their clothes and bikes that was in English.

We spent ALOT of time finding this week. Soooooo  much time. But, turns out finding can be really fun. We met lots of people, invited them to church and eikaiwa (ed. note: English class) and then never saw them again. But that's ok cus we know Heavenly Father is preparing someone(s) really special for us who is totally going to be ready to accept the gospel.

It was just fun feeling like a missionary, talking to people and laughing.

The bamboo forest in our area.

This is Goi - our area too.
This is also our area - rice fields
Two turtles sun bating.

We found this pretty cool house with English signs all over it. No one was home though. 

One of the signs read:

Violators will be shot
Survivors will be shot again"

So, what did we do....

That is all for this week.

Sister Molinari