Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Konbanwa! (earthquake!)

19 May 2014 - Oyumino, Chiba

 So like every other week this transfer, it has flown by! 

And this week is a blur. So I'm going to tell you about my favorite day this week. Which was Tuesday.

Tuesday was temple p-day. And it was wonderful, as usual. Something exciting happened while we were inside too! AN EARTHQUAKE!!! It was a pretty big one. A high 3. You could see the building shaking. But, I wasn't worried. Sister Hubner on the other hand....

Hubner shimai and me in front of the Tokyo LDS Temple

Look what I found, in Japan!
Dopp shimai and I had a joyful reunion. I just love her so much! And she is such an amazing missionary. I wish I could just attach her email to mine so you could hear how amazing she is! This month is super special too because I get to see her twice! This upcoming Saturday we have a very special 2 mission conference! Tokyo mission and Tokyo mission south are combining for a conference. Elder cook is speaking! It's going to be amazing. I'll tell more on that next week though!

This was a gift from a girl we just met this week.

I cheated while I was folding it haha so it's longer! It is from the girl I met on the train Tuesday! She wants to take me to the summer festivals and that is what you wear!!! (ed note: I mentioned that the bow will match her yellow rain boots!) No, no, no. No rain boots! They wear those funny socks and chunky wooden sandals! But that isn't mission approved for sure so I'll have to wear my black shoes or something.

This is a lie. There aren't really alligators in there, are there?