Tuesday, October 7, 2014


6 October 2014 Sakado
Good-bye Sanjo!
 Hello everyone!

Today I am writing from...SAKADO! I'm now in Saitama! Wow!

What a change! Back in the city. I'm about an hour away from Tokyo now. It's funny seeing so many people all the time again.

My last few days in Sanjo were a blur! Everyone was shocked I was leaving. I was too! I thought I would be up in Sanjo for at least one more transfer. But nope, I guess The Lord has other plans for me!

Eikaiwa was our last night to really see everyone. We made announcements and said who was leaving. One of the members, Tamura San, who we went to Yahiko mountain with, was shocked. She exclaimed WHAT!? After that the class just dragged on. There were a few funny parts during the class though.  One of the words we were learning was fight. The past tense is fought. No one could say it! "We always fart" is what it sounded like. I couldn't help but giggle a little.

After eikaiwa a lot of e members appeared to say goodbye. I was doing sooo well, and then while I was saying goodbye to Yuki shimai she teared up and so I lost it! And we cried together. I really love the people in Sanjo. They are really social and wonderful. I wills miss me. But I have great plans to go back one day. So it's not really goodbye. It's see ya real soon.

Transfer day, Nitta shimai and I almost missed the train. We made it, by less than a minute. Oh what a miracle that was. I don't know what we would've done. It was an hour from where we were to where the bus was. And then the bus was another five hours back to civilization. We would have been in reeeeeeall trouble if we missed it.

Sakado..wow I don't even know where to start! Hmm...well, I LOVE my companion. Sister Hall. She is just the coolest thing ever! She is from Idaho. Before the mish she did break dancing!!! Wow! And she had super fabulous long hair and she rode horses and she's just awesome. She is full of dendō fire!

Since I've gotten to Sakado there have been so many miracles! Wow! 

Sister hall keeps attributing them to me. But it is totally her! She is so full of faith and a very hard worker. She hops on the train and just starts talking to someone! Which means I have to do the same. And guess what? I can do it! I'd just been following her around on the trains and adding a little into her conversations but on our way home from zone conference she sat down and there was no room for me..so I sat across from her. And I chatted with the girl next to me the entire time! Wow! And it was a real conversation! Not the things I got excited about before..I walked of
Ogura shimai
If the train in a daze. Wow! The gift of tongues is real! Wow!

I feel like I got to Sakado and a switch was flipped on. It's amazing! I can speak! Wow! Wow, wow, wow! I can't believe it. It's just..Wow!

At church on Sunday we watched general conference live but in between sessions and before sessions I was just gabbing away to the members. We were having regular conversations! And I was being me! I didn't feel limited by my nihongo. Wow what an experience! PI was a little exhausted afterwards though. Phew!

Now I just need to improve/ my teaching nihongo. I still can't teach like me. But I think that can change this transfer! I'm super excited! And I know with heavenly fathers help I can totally do it!

I love being a missionary. It's great. Absolutely great!

Ok favorite miracle of the week. Sister Hall and I were talking, waiting for the train, and this girl walks by with a Cinderella sweatshirt. I stop mid sentence and tell her that her sweatshirt is cute. She says thanks and then we keep talking to her.

Turns out she used to go to a Christian church when she was about 12. We kept talking and we are pretty sure it was our church! What?? No way! Miracle! She was totally open to meeting with us again, we exchanged contact info and hopefully we will see her this week.

I love the gospel! It's the secret to true happiness. I'm so lucky to not only have it in my life but to get to share it with others.

Love you all!

Sister Molinari

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