Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Still Getting Cold!

Note from the editor: Sorry I didn't post this last week. Things must be busier than usual.

17 November 2014 Sakado

Well. This month is more than half way over! Wow!  I'm getting nervous for what happens next transfer...even though I have 3 more weeks to go...ahh!

This week was packed full of miracles. We met so many new people with a lot of potential, and had sooo many really, really awesome lessons. 

My favorite miracle of the week happened Saturday night. We had just switched back from exchanges and we were headed home. We asked a lady if the train went where we wanted to go and then just continued talking. It turned out she was in our area, had just moved there, is Christian and used to go to church every week where she used to live! Since moving to Wakaba she hasn't gone to church, but wants to. We told her about our church and she said she would come the next day. And she did! She brought two of her children too! And they all fit right in. She has a really strong testimony and I think she really liked church. Her kids loved primary. They are sooo cute! And the ward members loved all of them. It was great. And, we have a lessons with her Tuesday! She seems so prepared! I can't wait!

We also met with the cutest Chinese girl twice this week. Her name is Katsuna. I love her so much! She is very spiritual and just has a sweet, sweet heart. We had dinner at a member's house Sunday night and she prayed! Then we met again Tuesday, made cookies and gave her a Book of Mormon. After we handed it to her she just held on to it. We didn't even need to tell her it was for her. She just held it like she knew it was hers. She think she can feel there is something special at church, and when we are together and when she prays. I'm looking forward to seeing her again. 

Another one of our investigators, Hashiba San, totally took us by surprise during our last lesson. We ended up going through the entire restorations and she just took it all in! We had a member at our lesson too, who got baptized when she was in her twenties, and her testimony was just so strong. It had a really big affect on Hashiba San and it also inspired me to work in my nihongo more. She was sooo good at explaining simply but well. I want to be able to do that too! We have another lesson with Hashiba San on Tuesday. I can't wait to see how that goes too! 

Two funny stories from this week:
1. During a lesson sister Hall said what translates to "I know that we believe in Christ." I died. It should've been a very spiritual moment but because she said "we" it made it very, very funny to me. 
2. I've woken up twice this week with my foot/ leg on and in sister hall's face. I didn't say anything the first time it happened. After the second time, as sister hall and I were walking out of church I said something about it and just started laughing really hard. What made it even funnier was that sister hall kind of thought she had woken up with a foot in her face but, had written it off as a dream. But it wasn't! We laughed all the way home. 

Sunday we had 11 investigators/ friends come to church! So exciting! 

I love, love, love Sakado. I love seeing everyone progressing too. It's crazy. And I feel like am growing sooo much! I love it! I love being a missionary. I love the gospel. I loveeee all the blessings I've received and seen in my life. The gospel blesses and changes your life in ways you never even imagine. I've never been happy and I love watching others, as they come closer to Christ,mind happiness too. It doesn't get much better than this.

I love you all! 

Sister Molinari