Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Great Week!

13 January 2015 Sakado

This week was great! We had a lesson everyday! And I feel like we really accomplished a lot. We saw so many miracles and met some really great people. But, because iPads are terrible my original email got erased and due to a lack of time you will get a short version. Sorry! 

Today was temple p-day. I'll send those pictures next week. It was so fun getting to see all my companions. They will all be home within the next two's so weird...
Last Monday we spent most of our p-day with the Itōs. They are a couple in the ward. We had so much fun. We went out for sushi and then went to a giant Thai shrine. It is the biggest one in Japan. It was beautiful !!!!

Ok. My two favorite miracles of the week; First, on Saturday we had our lesson fall through. We had so many things that needed to be done I had no idea how we were going to do any teaching that day. After kids eikaiwa we did some planning with the members and headed home. I was still puzzling about what we could do. And there on our door was a note saying look in your post! So we looked in our post and there was a letter, from our upstairs neighbor, asking us if we would come teach her today. What a miracle! We got a lesson! 

Then Sunday I was dreading the question in DCS "who do you have coming to church today?" Because I was pretty sure we didn't have anyone. We had two people we were going to call as last attempts after the meeting but that was it. No one could come this week. We were told over and over "isogashii". After DCS we called our two maybes. Neither answered their phones and neither came to church BUT right before church started, literally minutes before, we had three people walk in!!! Wow! What a miracle! But, through both of those miracles I was reminded of something. We only are expected to do everything we can! Heavenly Father takes care of the rest. We did all we could (well, I feel like I could do more but that's besides the point...) and Heavenly Father took care of the rest for us. During church I just felt his love so strongly for us and while I want to do better and try harder next week I really felt like we did good this week. We weren't perfect. But we did ok. And it was really nice feeling that.

I love my companion. I really hope it's not a one sided thing. I'm really loving being companions with Sister Bettridge. She really keeps me aiming high, and I don't think she even knows she is doing it! And then there's the whole hey look at all my weaknesses thing, I'm still enjoying that too. We are totally on equal ground, I just happen to have been in Japan a little longer. Honestly, I feel like I am the one being trained. Retrained to rely on the lord. Retrained to be a real friend, not a robot. And a lot of other things too. I'm just so happy every day. It's great. 

We had exchanges this week too. They were great. But, I'm spent the whole time worrying about sister Bettridge in Sakado. She's like my baby! So, the rule of exchanges is something, if not everything, always goes wrong. It's inevitable. So while I was on exchanges I got separated from my temporary companion! Haha I rode the train to another station and then just sat and waited for her there. It was funny being on the flip side of what happened to sister Bettridge and I. And much less stressful because I was not at all concerned about being found. But, it was still funny. 

I love being here and I loveee my companion. She is the best. I feel so lucky and I'm trying to be grateful every day. It's really great. Sister Bettridge and I are going to see miracles this week. I just know it. 

Love you all! 
Sister Molinari