Monday, February 16, 2015

What a Week!

16 February 2015 Sakado

Happy Valentine's Day! How was your Valentine's Day? Ours was filled with chocolate making and delivering, secret heart attacks and so much love. Our members love us! And we love them! And me and sister Bettridge...well, we couldn't be happier.

So this week....what a week! One day it was really warm and then the next it was freezing cold! The winds were so strong yesterday that, when they were blowing at our backs I didn't need to pedal! I just got pushed along. Crazy!
Back to the chocolate making...we tried to make chocolates with the Elders but stove wouldn't work in the church so they ended up taking the chocolate home and making it. Saturday we saw the finished was terrible! Just terrible! They had burned some of the chocolates so they wouldn't drip and had made these weird pancake things out of them. And then they ran out of heart molds so they dumped the rest of the regular chocolate into an ice cube tray. Those pieces looked like dog food! We did not want to have those out. So we took the chocolates home and fixed them. We re-melted the ice cube tray chocolates and made hearts with them and then in half the batch I put peppermint oil so they were very yummy! Everyone thought we bought them when we handed them out Sunday. We also made truffles with the young women in the ward so we were able to give out some truffles with our assorted chocolates. Needless to say, we are now chocolate making pros.

On Friday we had a zone meeting and they made a goal for us to hand out this giant number of Books of Mormon as a zone. Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled. Another number. And, I could just see Books of Mormon being handed out to people who didn't even really want them, just for the numbers sake. But, I made a goal to support my leaders probably half way through my mission, and so I decided I would give it a try. On our way home we handed out two Books of Mormon! And they were quality contacts. Both women seemed genuinely interested and I felt so good afterwards. I also felt like Heavenly Father knew exactly what I was thinking. And because of my concerns he put really awesome people in our paths to find, talk about the Book of Mormon and then give them out! It was great!

Sunday we had a goof handing out of a Book of Mormon. Sister Bettridge and I were talking to this lady and she was super nice. We talked a little bit about how we were missionaries and Sister Bettidge handed her a Book of Mormon too see. We only had five minutes before the train got to our station and when the doors opened the lady was still holding the Book of Mormon. We hadn't even explained it or anything but had to run off train! I said I'm so sorry! And then we sprinted off. The lady looked a little shocked as the train rode away. I hope she reads it! We got a pretty good laugh.

Sister Bettridge got pink eye just in time for Valentine's Day. Hahaha all the nihonjin would stare at her like she had a disfigured face. It was pretty funny. I gave her some essential oils, and she did some home treatment too and now she is all better! Yay!

I forgot to write this last week, but, we sang in church and after church last week we were told by one of the members that her daughter couldn't stop looking at us! She was one hundred percent focused on
us. She kept asking if we were princesses! How cute!

Ok, I want to type more, but my iPad is being dumb. Sorry!

I love you all!

Sister Molinari