Where I'm Serving

Japan is an island nation is East Asia located in the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 6, 852 islands! 
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is the largest metropolitan area in the world. There are over 13,000,000 people living there! 

Language: The spoken language is Japanese. Their writing system is made up of 3 different types: Kanji, hiragana and katakana

Climate: Japan has winter, spring, summer and fall. Depending on where you are in Japan changes how cold and how hot it gets. In Tokyo the summers are humid and hot with lots of rain in June and September. In the winter temperatures average around 9 degrees Celsius or 48 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Food: The dietary staple in Japan is rice. they also like bread and noodles and eat a variety of meat, fishes, vegetables and fruits. A typical meal in japan would consist of rice with fish and then steamed vegetables and miso soup. They also use chopsticks to eat!

Religion: Mainly Shinto and Buddhism but also Christianity.

Some more fun facts about my mission area can be found here!

The Church in Japan and my Mission:

Total LDS members: 126, 407
Missions: 6
Temples: 2
fTokyo, Japan Temple

There are currently seven missions in Japan. Mine (the Tokyo Mission), is in gray.
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