Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy late Valentine's Day!

17 February 2014 Chiba, Japan

What did you all do? I hope everyone got lots of chocolate!

By Friday we were once again knee deep in snow! Orton shimai and I decided to brave the cold and slush and went out anyways. First we went to a members home (who had invited us over for dinner a few weeks ago) and "heart attacked" their door.  They have two little girls so we taped some candy and princess stickers to the door as well. Then we ding dong ditched. Nihongo de it is called "ping pong dashu." After that we did some housing (door to door). And After roughly 250 no thank you/ kekko/ I'm about to take a bath responses we finally found someone who wanted to hear a little bit more about what we teach! We gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and are going to come back later to talk about what she reads! We were very excited.

Sunday it was almost 50 degrees! Hopefully we are out of our cold spell...the rest of the week calls for no snow. I'm ready for spring. And cherry blossoms!! 

On Sunday we had Sunday school in spango! There is a large group of Peruvians and Brazilians here in Chiba. Since Orton Shimai and I can understand and speak some we have decided to help the less actives come back to church. It's hard for them because they don't get anything out of church. They speak Spanish or Portuguese and church is in nihongo. No good for them. So we have started holding Sunday school in Spanish. Now we just need to get more people to come! Roselly, who we taught last week, is going to help us too. She is great! She had us over for dinner this week. She is a great cook! After dinner we got to share a message about temples. It was fun to hear why temples are important to everyone. And we have a goal to all go together next month.

Our Relief Society President
This week we also had a music festival. It was soooo much fun! Our relief society president was in it. She plays the electric guitar!!! And then there is another family who has a band! One of our eikaiwa students also came and he brought his family! His little boy who isn't even in school yet played a beautiful classic piece on the spot on the piano. It was soooo fun. All 8 of the missionaries also sang but I don't think we really compared to everyone else...

A few of my favorite moments of the week:

While we were housing on Valentine’s Day we knocked on a door and this very old man answered. As Orton shimai talked to him he kept looking at me. I think he was a little smitten. He just could stop looking at my eyes. I made sure to open them extra big and smile extra sweet. When he finally said he wasn't interested he gave me this "I'm so sorry" look. It was pretty funny.

About an hour after that we were at another apartment. We ping- ponged a door, waited and then went on to the next. We ping- ponged that one as well, waited and were about to leave when we heard a voice coming from the first box. Then within seconds a voice started coming from the other box! Orton shimai was trying to speak to the first box so I decided I could handle the other one. I walked over and the lady
inside the house was just babbling away! Based on her tone it sounded like she was reprimanding the mystery ringers. She just went on and on! Luckily Orton shimai came over and saved me. Of course...the lady wasn't interested.

And here are a few funny moments this week they are brought to you by Orton shimai.

Conversation with Orton shimai-
Me: ok mamacita
Orton shimai: I don't know what that means
Me: it's what you call someone who is good looking
Orton shimai: oh...so like baby mama.
Me: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa

At eikaiwa (English class) Orton shimai was writing all our students’ dream jobs on the board. As she wrote them they got progressively worse. My favorite had to have been when she spelled pilot p-i-o-l-e-t and then tried to spell pirate, but spelled parrot instead. I was standing up front with her by the board and could not stop laughing. The nihonjin found that quite funny.

Clearly we are qualified to be teaching English...

We'll that is all for this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Love you! 

Sister Molinari