Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where is time going?

3 February 2014 Oyumino, Chiba, Japan

Good Morning everyone!!

Today one of the Sisters in the apartment told me that we are already half way through our first transfer! I can't believe it! Time is flying by. I totally understand what people mean when they say that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. At the end of the week I have no idea where it went! But days can be very long sometimes...usually the cold ones...

Our new apartment finally has all the furniture in it! We put together our desks and tables and book shelves. It's great ‘cuz now everything that was on the floor is now where it should be. It is great. Certain people in the apartment are much happier now too...

So, I don't have much to report on. We did a lot of streeting and housing. There wasn't a lot of successful finding though. Everyone loves to talk to us because we are American, but they aren't so interested about church. They are usually interested in free English class though! I love teaching English class. Last week we had a class full of women and they are all so fun. I was also informed that I look like Lola...I'd never heard of her until now. And the girl who was telling me told me she was "moderu." I didn't know what that was, and so she tried to say it in English. Modern. Lola is Modern. And I am modern too apparently. The next day I saw moderu used again and Orton shimai told me it means model! So lola is a model! And I look like one too! That makes a lot more sense! This week at Eikaiwa I'm going to tell Rida I figured it out!

Funny story of the week: We were housing on Saturday (i think) and rang lots of peoples door bells. Here in Chiba, it isn’t really a thing to actually answer the door. As we walked away I saw some motion in a window on one of the upper stories of the apartment complex. I took a step back and made eye contact with a lady peering out of her window! Boy was her face funny! She'd been caught! Her eyes were huge and her mouth dropped open and she quickly closed her curtain. Maybe she thought I didn't see her... I got a pretty good laugh out of it though.

Oh, also at Eikaiwa (English class) we were talking about fall and autumn. I pulled out my pictures to show them what fall looks like in NY. The picture next to the trees is of my brother, Kristoffer (the one serving a mission in Tahiti). The teenage girls thought he was pretty "kawaii" and when I told some of the older ladies who he was I said oto san. Well, I should have said ototo. What I said was "Kristoffer is my father." And I spent the next 5 minutes telling them "yes, really he is" hahaha then I realized what I had said and their disbelief made much more sense haha

Japan is great. I love it here. All the trees and plants have buds, and I saw our first robin a few days ago! I'm so excited for spring! I love the Church members here. They are amazing! They love missionaries and they love missionary work. They have what we call "dendo fire". I am really excited to work with them while I am in Oyumino. I love going to church on Sunday too! Even though I don't understand much, I can still feel the spirit and the ward members are so nice to me too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sister Molinari