Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm Staying!

16 March 2015 Sakado

We got transfers this morning!!! I'm staying in Sakado! What?!? I know. I'm surprised too. But sooo happy. Sadly, Sister Bettridge is leaving! To Niigata, Joetsu! I'm super excited for her. It’s gonna be cold though, I'm giving her my winter coat. Here in Sakado it's basically spring. Flowers are coming out and the sun is shining. Sister Bettridge even got sunburn on her nose! 

Ok, so I don't have much time... But.... Here are some of my favorite moments of the week:

On Monday, we still had a bit of time to dendō. All our plans had fallen through. I really felt like we should go hand out flyers at the eki for Eikaiwa, but it was dark and cold and rainy. Well, we went anyways. I felt so silly. No one was taking a flyer. Everyone was too busy opening umbrellas and preparing themselves for the rain. After about half an hour I said a little prayer. I told Heavenly Father I felt like we needed to be here. Please show us why. And within minutes an investigator who we can never get a hold of walks down the train station stairs. We set up an appointment with her for the next day! Wow! Miracle. 

Tuesday we had 5 lessons planned. We were exhausted by the end of the day. Exhausted! No time to write about them sorry...our last appointment for the day didn't end up being much of a lesson, and we biked about 9 miles there and back. I was not thrilled, to say the least. But, everyone else we saw that day was great! 

Friday we had the most awesome zone meeting ever. I wish every zone meeting was like that. Everyone was asked to participate in some way. There were really spiritual parts and then fun parts. At the end all the missionaries returning home were able to share their testimonies. It was super powerful. Afterwards, we all went and ate at a Brazilian restaurant. I love that place. 

There were so many missionaries there and orders got confusing. I ended up with too large steaks. It wasn't what I ordered but I figured that was my fault so I took them and ate them. At the end there was an elder who still hadn't gotten his order. Hahaha turns out I’d taken his order. What made it even better is that we have a running joke in our district that I’m always mean to him. I'm not really, but he gets teased every once in a while, so it was just perfect at I was he one who stole his steak. I was laughing about it until I had to pay for it... But, when I told the guy at the register which steak I'd eaten his eyes got huge and he looked at the two elders standing next to me for confirmation. "You ate the whole thing?" Yup. I did. It made us all laugh. Also, he recognized Bettridge shimai and I from Facebook. We were on another restaurant’s fb page. I felt a little famous. Haha. That's been happening a lot. 

This weekend we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Nelson, one of the apostles, twice. It was really good. What made it even better was that one of our investigators was able to sneak out and come with us! And it was exactly what she needed. Sister Nelson challenged everyone to read the Book of Mormon for 30 days, each day with a question in mind and read until you find the answer. Our investigator decided she would do it! We didn't even need to ask her! 

Also, the day before, we had been able to meet with that investigator and we overcame a lot of the things that are stopping her from progressing. I'm soooo grateful. It was such a miracle! 

Ok and finally; The funniest story of the week. Sunday morning we made cookies and decorated cookies. Our second batch we just didn't have time to do and I was a little annoyed. We wanted to give them to members at church. Well. After church we came home and I took one of our in decorated cookies and bit into it. It tasted kind of funny. Then it started tasting really funny! Sister Bettridge had put in a cup of salt instead of sugar! I gave sister Bettridge a cookie and she popped the whole thing in her mouth, and then quickly spat it out. We were laughing pretty hard. Not having enough time ended up being a miracle in disguise! The members would not have been happy if they had received salty cookies!

I love you all! 

Sister Molinari