Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wow! It's March!

2 March 2015 Sakado

Time is just flying by. I'm not quite sure where February went. And I'm a little sad about that. Transfers are in two weeks, and I'm pretty sure I will be leaving. I don't want to go! I love Sakado. And I love sister Bettridge! She is the best companion ever. 

Today we made soba! A member introduced us to her friends who own a soba shop. They taught us how to make soba, and we're so impressed. They didn't believe it was our first time making it! Pictures to come later. I really hope we get the opportunity to get to know the family better. They have a really special feeling about them. As We told them about being missionaries and the mother asked if we were sad being separated from our parents. As she asked she started to tear up because she thought it was so sad! She and her husband both were so sweet. 

Masaki San got baptized this week! The ward is soooo happy. And he was soooo happy to. He was glowing! It was really fun to be part of that. He was so prepared and so happy to be baptized. It was a really wonderful experience. 

For Masaki san’s baptism we made cookies with Ro and Fukunaga shimai. That was an affair. The stove would not work. Something with the gas was wrong. They tried over and over and they called a bunch of members to try and get it to work. No luck. Fukunaga shimai said she would just make them at home and bring them the next day to church. I didn't like settling. So I prayed. Turned on the stove, then got nervous that I was gonna make it explode or leak gas so I stopped it, asked roe if what I'd done was right and then turned it in again. It worked! Everyone was a amazed. They asked what I did. I said I prayed. Everyone laughed. And the stove makes it buh-bum noise and stopped working. Then I had an idea to call Hattori kyodai, and he knew how to make it work! My pray was answered! 

We went on exchanges this week too. I got to dendō with Sister Nash who is my doki! But we weren't in the same district in the MTC and we realized we knew very little about one another. She is awesome. She is one of the most peaceful people I've ever met; which was just what I needed! Exchanges ended with a bang. Sister Nash's companion became quite ill while her and sister Bettridge were in Kawagoe area. The poor sister! It was her last exchange ever. She goes home in two weeks. We had to go all the way back to their apartment to change back. The poor sister was tucked in bed and looked like she was ready to die. Sister Bettridge and I left and after we were a few feet from the apartment exclaimed how happy we were to be reunited. I just love sister Bettridge so much. We work so well together. I don't like being apart from her! And luckily, since we are missionaries that doesn't happen too often. 

This week we got the chance to go to a Japanese sign language class win one of our investigators. It was such a cool experience. And I learned so much. I want to study sign language when I get home. Everything is sooo easy compared to Japanese! By the end I could introduce myself and say what I liked and didn't like and tell how old I was. My favorite part of the class was when I was talking to, or rather trying to sign to one of the deaf members of the class. I was with someone who knew sign language so she translated for me. The man told me that I had a light, and an amazing smile, that I glowed. I wish I could have signed to him "it's the gospel!" I'll have to learn that for later.  Also, while talking to someone else, she was blown away by my Japanese. She had been studying English for years and couldn't even begin to speak like me. She asked how I did it and I said it was because of God. She was a little confused by that answer. I don't think that was what she was expecting. Then she asked how she could become good at English. I told her if she prayed and asked for help she would probably be able to speak better English. Once again she was shocked by my answer. But, we should be seeing her at eikaiwa soon! 

We had a special conference with elder Ballard. I said I would write about it today. But I forgot my notes. Well, he and the other two speakers really emphasized the importance of the restoration. I loveee the restoration! And I love talking about it. And it was such a good reminder to go back to the basics. I've been studying it all this week, and I feel so much more confident to talk and teach about it now. I am so grateful for Joseph smith. And I love the Book of Mormon. I love reading it with investigators and watching it change their lives. This week I really want to focus on how I can bring it into conversations quicker. On the train, it is easy to talk bout the Book of Mormon. But, not so easy to talk about the message of the restoration. So, I've got to work on that. 

If you don't now what the restoration is you can learn about it here...
Or you can wait until I get home and I'd be more than happy to tell you about it! 

Sister Bettridge and I laughed lots this week. Of course. 

While talking to someone on the phone sister Bettridge told the lady that she was from the Book of Mormon, instead of the Mormon Church. We laughed about that for a while. 

While teaching a lesson we brought rocks to use as a visual aid, except we forgot about them. And at the end Sister Bettridge asks what she should do with them. I wasn't quite sure so she just puts them on the table. I felt like a five year old, showing off the rocks I'd found while playing out side. We all laughed about the rocks on the table until we finally found a new way to connect them to the lesson. It ended up being really good. But it was a little awkward for a bit. 

One of the elders here, his name is elder Tuttle. Our bishop calls him elder turtle. 

While talking to bishop the other night, I told him he needed to request for us to stay in Sakado. His reply was "ok I'll ask that all four of you stay here." There're six missionaries...wonder who the two left out are....
One more bishop story, he was telling us about his mission president who was from France. He had to learn English and Tahitian. During his first talk, as mission president, he was talking about the restoration and said that two watermelons appeared to Joseph smith. The congregation couldn't stop laughing. The bishop at the time did not stop laughing either. So, the mission president just sat down. Didn't even finish his talk. 

We've gotten a lot of opportunities to work with our bishop this week. And last night we were able to meet with him and discuss what his vision for the ward is. I am very excited. He is trying new things and I think they will make all the difference! 

Love you all! 

Sister Molinari