Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rainbows Are A Sign From God

13 May 2014, Oyumino, Chiba

Another week has flown by! And are almost at the end of the transfers!!! It's crazy. 
We get transfer calls in two Mondays!!!

Everyone thinks I will be leaving since I've been in Oyumino for 3 transfers. 

I’d be perfectly happy staying here. I'm excited to see what happens!!

So this week was full of miracles!
On Monday to Tuesday we had exchanges. I got to go to Chiba and dendō there with Sister Carlile! She was an answer to so many prayers! And we had so much fun!!! We actually spent a lot of time looking for people. Chiba was DEAD. No one was there! It was still golden week so we are thinking that's why no one was home. Everyone was on vacation!

So, we were looking for a less active member and thought we had found her house. Turns out she had moved a day or two earlier! Luckily the guy who was still there had her phone number. He called her and they proceeded to speak in CHINESE. In that moment I became very, VERY grateful for the language I need to learn. Chinese sounds 100 times harder! Oh my goodness!

Later in the day we were heading to a dinner appointment and on the train we talked to soooo many people! One girl we spoke to invited herself to church! It was amazing! We had dinner with a family from Chiba ward (church). They have the cutest kids!! The little boy LOVED taking pictures of himself too. He posed and everything. It was great.
That night I returned to Oyumino and reunited with my companion. The next few days we saw soooo many miracles! We had made a goal to bring 6 people to church! And throughout the week we found them! While walking home one day we saw this lady staring at us. We were about to walk by and I decided we should talk to her. So we did! And it was such a miracle! She told us she'd never been to church and we asked if she wanted to come and she said she'd love to! She gave us all her information and said she'd see us Sunday! Wow!

We also have been meeting with a lady from Uganda and her daughter. I absolutely love her daughter! She is 4 and the cutest thing ever. Her mom speaks English and a little Japanese. She speaks only Japanese!

I'm not quite sure how they communicate. But it works. We met before eikaiwa and got donuts. It was lots of fun. Since they were coming to church with us on Sunday we decided we should tell her what she could expect. As missionaries we have these short little booklets about different things about church. In the back of each of them there is a “about church section.” So we referred to that. After we talked about church she proceeded to read the ENTIRE booklet! She just tore through it! Her daughter was acting all crazy and she was completely oblivious to it! It was amazing.

So Saturday comes around and we are calling people to confirm they are coming tomorrow, and that they know where to go. One by one they all fell through. It was so sad. Earlier that night we had visited Murai San. She had told us she couldn't meet with us anymore (and wasn't coming to church either). We were down to only one person coming to church!

One person at church ended up being the perfect amount! She stayed for all 3 hours!! I think it might have been a lot to take in for the first time, despite preparing her for it. But the ward members were awesome! They planned their lessons to help her understand and feel included and everyone came and said hello and made her feel welcome.

We walked her to the train station and asked what she thought. She said it was interesting. She also told us she was going to be in our music festival in 2 weeks! And that when she has time (not in a making excuses way has time) we can get together and talk more about what she learned at church! Sister Hubner and I were sooo happy!

Today was full of miracles too. But I have no time, 

so you'll just have to wait till next week to hear about them! 

This is Sister Palmer. She saw my boots
last transfer and thought they were sooooo cute, 

she asked her family to get her a pair.

Today at the temple, we were "twinners"!
I love being a missionary. I'm so happy. I love Oyumino and I love being with sister Hubner.

And I love you all!

Sister Molinari

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