Monday, June 30, 2014

Sick Week

30 June 2014 Oyumino

This week I got sick. And I'm blaming being sick for not remembering anything about this week...I can't think of anything...mmmm....

As the week went on my voice got worse and worse. Right now, only half my words are audible and that half isn't even always understandable. All the nihonjin take pity on me though...but despite their pity, they aren't interested in the gospel and our message.

Oh, I remember a few things.

Ok, this week we made cupcakes! And for frosting I used Mama's (my grandma) recipe. All who received cupcakes reported back that they were delicious! We made them with a member. Nihonjin have small ovens, and I have small cupcake holders so, what in America takes less than an hour, turned into an almost all day process. I felt sooo bad. We took up so much of her day. But she didn't even mind! She kept telling us how much fun she was having.

After the cupcakes were done we went over to Satou San, one of our investigators, house and delivered cupcakes with the member. They hit it off instantly! And Satou San was so touched that we'd thought of her and brought cupcakes. It was perfect.

Later that week we got to teach Satou San again. We had exchanges that day. So I stayed in Oyumino and sister carlile came here and Hubner shimai went to Chiba and dendōed with another sister missionary.

We had a blast!

The day was over so quick! I couldn't believe it!

But, back to Satou San. We taught her together and it was a good lesson, but at the same time a little sad. She told us that she is pregnant! The doctors are afraid the baby is going to come early so she has to stay in the hospital until November! She assured us she would continue studying the Book of Mormon. We had planned to teach her more about Joseph Smith but Sister Carlile suggested we show her a different video called “Because of Him.” It was so perfect!


As we were talking you could feel Satou san had fears and worries about what was going to happen. After the video there was this beautiful peace. She had felt the spirit!

Because of Christ we don't have to worry. He is here to help. He suffered for each of us and knows exactly what we are going through. And Satou San could feel that. It was a really nice lesson. We don't know when the next one will be either.

Funny story of the week: while housing this week we met a pretty strange man...but he wanted to come to church so we tried talking to him. He was so hard to understand! His first word or two was clear and then he would trail off andkvnfnfjfkfkf, was pretty hard to understand, but funny. It was a rainy day and I was wearing my rain coat. I started fiddling with it or something and leaned a little to the left. As I was doing this, water started pouring into sister Hubner's shoe! I was pretty confused! I didn't know where it was coming from! Neither did she or he.

Then sister Hubner realized the source. The hood of my rain jacket had filled up with rain!! And when I leaned over it poured out of my hood and right onto and into Sister Hubner's shoe! This was extremely funny to me. Maybe a little too funny..I couldn't stop laughing. I tried a couple of times, it didn't work. And the man we were talking to looked so confused, and the situation was just so funny I started laughing even harder. At that point the man asked Sister Hubner if she was my mother. Boy did I lose it then!

Ok, this was a sad email. Sorry. When I can't breath through my nose my brain doesn't work as well as usual, I’m convinced.  

Once again, I'm so grateful for all the emails I got. I love them! And if I didn't respond this week, I will most certainly do so next week.


Sister Molinari