Monday, July 21, 2014

This Week Went By So Fast!

21 July  2014 Sanjo

Sunset in Sanjo
I don't think I've experienced a week fly by this fast before! Every time I checked my watch, hours had passed by. It's crazy. I guess it's a good thing though, it means I'm having fun.

Sanjo is still as beautiful as ever. It has been super rainy here and on Saturday the sky finally cleared and it was amazing! I knew there were mountains surrounding us, but it didn't know how beautiful they were! I feel so lucky to be here.

We did soooo much this week and had sooo much fun! We probably laughed too much..but, there had been no "peeing of the pants" so I could always be laughing harder. Some of the funny moments this week:

First, I was trimming my eyebrows really quickly in the morning one day and accidentally lopped of the end of my eyebrow! I've been drawing in the end every morning! I guess I wouldn't have had a real Japan experience without having to draw an eyebrow's what all the nihonjin do!

During a lesson this week we were talking about how we have developed relationships with God. I talked about prayer and feeling His love and then I said I've seen god's hand in my life but it more literally translated to "in my life I have seen God's hand." Of course I was talking about how He has a hand in my life, each of our lives, but it didn't translate well, and our investigator’s eyes got really REALLY big. "You've seen God's HAND???"

Looking back, we probably should've just let her think that I'd seen God's actual hand...could've worked in our favor. Haha, just kidding.

Sorry I don't have much time...other highlights of the week..

We had a root beer float party (most of the nihonjin didn't like the root beer), someone on the train told me I looked like Emma Watson, one of our investigators told us that "you are special...not so ordinary girls" and we saw lots of mini miracles! We ran into 4 people..maybe more..who had previously been in contact with the missionaries!

One of our less active members came to church! My favorite mini miracle was, one night, we were looking for a member Yamamoto shimai. We had no idea where she lived. As we were wandering around this old lady starts talking to us and tells us she knows a Yamamoto! Well, we didn't have anywhere else to go so we decided to check where the lady had told us.
Turned out it was the right Yamamoto!!! What are the chances?!

Tonight we have family home evening. It's so fun. Sister Skabelund and I are teaching the lesson. We are talking about how we all create a Plan A for ourselves but sometimes we end up doing Plan B. And Plan B isn't always what we wanted. But, in the end Plan B ends up being better than Plan A ever could've been. It's because Heavenly Father knows what is best for us! And even if Plan B doesn't seem right or like what we want, we end up getting the most out of it.

I'm a perfect example of that. I never EVER planned on going on a mission. But here I am! And I love it! I've seen so many blessings already and I have learned soooo much. It's been hard, but great. And although it wasn't what I planned, I wouldn't change it for anything.

Ahh this is a lame email. Sorry!

And sorry I didn't reply to anyone individually either...I'll try to next week!

Next week I will do better!


Sister Molinari