Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's Getting Cold!

15 September 2014 Sanjo

Well, this week, it changed from summer to fall over night. The air is chilly now and while the sky is as blue as can be, it is far from warm! But I am grateful for the change. The air feels so fresh and crisp. When it changes from fall to winter over night...that is when I will start to complain haha. Winters up here in Niigata are quite the experience too! Snow isn't measured in inches or feet (not that it would be anyways..since it is Japan) but in METERS!!!

This week we taught Yasuko San about repentance and the atonement of Jesus Christ. During personal study that morning I really wanted to find a better way, for me personally, to teach the atonement and repentance. Well, after reading quite a few Christmas ensign articles and talks I noticed that Christ's birth is quite often coupled with hope. The anticipation of His birth and His birth brought hope to the world. And his atonement gives each of us hope to. And so does repentance! Richard G. Scott said this about repentance; "remember, repentance is not punishment.” It is the hope filled path to a more glorious future." This is true! When I was younger the word repentance used to scare me. It had such an ominous sound. But, repentance is a blessing and it is wonderful. It means we can change and become the person we want to be! While at times it may be hard, it is not scary at all!

At eikaiwa we played Simon says. I was Simon for the last round. I said "Simon says jump on one foot." Everyone jumps and continues jumping except for our district leader, he just jumped once. I told him keep jumping. That's when it started getting confusing. While debating whether or not that meant everyone should stop jumping the nihonjin continued to jump. And jump, and jump. Poor Tamura San was getting tired and could barely jump! When I realized what was happening I started laughing. And couldn't stop long enough to say Simon says stop jumping so everyone jumped for way to long. And they were all laughing too. Oh it was pretty funny. Finally I got them to stop. And we ended there because they were too tired to continue hahaha.

During weekly planning we created a giant plan for the Sanjo members. We dubbed it “project feel the joy!” We want to help the members feel the joy. And through that, I know that the work here will hasten. It won't just be the missionaries doing missionary work; it will be the members also. Their families will notice the difference and there will be changes in the part member families too. And I am also going to work to make sure I feel the joy. Can't help others feel the joy if I'm not. It's gonna be big!

Other highlights of the week; I got to go see fireworks again this week. And I made a new member friend; Hattori shimai. She lived in Utah for a long time, and came back to Japan recently. I love her! We have a lot in common and soon we will be making crafts together!

We also had zone conference. It was really good. We talked about Christmas and President and Sister Budge kissed in front of us! My face turned bright red. I think it's a sign that I've been out on my mission for a while now. Also, we've started meeting regularly with the Relief Society (ed. note: women’s service organization) president. We are visiting those she feels we need to visit and helping her be a Relief Society president! Right now I think she feels a little useless. It's already been amazing watching her bloom!

Ok sorry this is short. I have no time today. But I love you all!

Sister Molinari