Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

9 February 2015 Sakado

Well this week felt like multiple weeks put together. I can't believe we just received transfer calls last week. I'm so happy to still be in Sakado. I just love it here so much! The ward members are amazing. Each week they seem to have more and more dendō Fire. It's great! We've been doing cookie runs a lot...i think it helps. This week we are with the members a lot, we were going to do some mogi lesson and had members drop by with food. I love our ward! 

On Wednesday the rest of the mission transferred. We thought we would get to stay home and have a normal Wednesday, travel free but nope! The new sister coming to kawagoe got appendicitis, so we went all the way to the mission home to get the sister who was staying in kawagoe, one area over, because she had to drop of her old companion there. Haha..I don't know if hat made sense. The point is, we traveled far! And then we came back to our area with an extra sister! Sister McCallsiter. She is an amazing missionary. She goes home at the end of his transfer, along with most of my companions and Sister Orton my trainer! Wow! Where is time going! We had lots of fun together. But I was really glad to go back down to two on Friday. Three is hard! And I just love sister Bettridge  so much, I want her all to myself! 

On Friday, as we were leaving to drop sister McCallister off at the other sisters in our zone's area we saw our front door! It had been heart attacked! One of the memebers had stopped by the night before to give us food and sweet little notes and after we thought she had left, stayed and heart attacked our door! It made me sooooo happy! I'd been a little stressed with the whole dendōing in three. It really made my day! 
We got heart attacked!

Saturday was a day full of miracles! Saturday morning as I started study I was thinking about how we didn't have any lessons planned, and getting one seemed a little impossible because we had to finish weekly planning and all sorts of other things. Before we study we always pray, and so I asked Heavenly Father to help us have a lesson. After study we left for kids eikaiwa and one of our friends was there! She comes to regular eikaiwa and is friends with a lot of families in the ward. We had invited her to come to church the next day because we were singing. Well. That's what we thought anyways. Sister Bettridge had accidentally typed tomorrow when she sent the message on Friday. Oops! So she ended up at church Saturday.

It ended up being an answer to my prayer! We were able to go out and get donuts together and talk about the scriptures! It was really fun. Also, this is kind of funny: after kids eikaiwa we said lets go get donuts and she said ok! So we all biked to the donut shop. Except, when we stopped our friend just kept biking. We weren't sure if we should follow her or not. So we waited, and waited, then decided we should call her. While we were waiting, Ro walked by. We told her what had happened; we thought it was pretty funny. I think Ro just thinks we are star age sometimes though. Finally we made contact with our friend. Turns out she had thought we meant get donuts in the future, Not at that very minute. She was free all day though so she biked back and we had a good laugh together. 

Then that night, we knew we didn't have anyone coming to church the next day. We had invited lots of people but, for one reason or another they couldn't come. So before we started planning for the next day I said a prayer, and told Heavenly Father just that, we'd invited people, but no one could come. Help!

At the end of planning, right before we were about to close we got a call from a member telling us they were bringing a friend to church tomorrow who is super interested! Wow! God really does answer our prayers!  

Last week, I gave the elders two bags of walnuts to crack for me. They were impossible! I figured the elders could do it. Well, last night i received an accounting of their walnut cracking attempts. Two of the elders have cuts and they burned one bag of my walnuts. One elder, while trying to crack a nut, squeezed really hard and it shot out of the nut cracker and hit his companion in the throat. Someone else got hit in the forehead. They were only able to open three, and then one of the other elders ate those. I think while they were telling me about this, they wanted me to aww and feel bad for them but, I just laughed. And laughed. It was pretty funny. I appreciate their effort though. 

Well, we are happy and well here in Sakado. I love it here. It snowed once this week. According to everyone it only snows two or three times here and then it warms up. I'm anticipating spring coming soon. Yeyy!