Monday, April 27, 2015

Today is Hot!

27 April 2015 Sakado

Sister Warren and me

Temple Day at the Tokyo LDS Temple
Well, I am exhausted. This week we went back and forth between Yanasegawa and Sakado every day. And on Monday I ate something I was allergic to so by Wednesday I'd lost my voice. And then every time I said goodbye to someone I cried. Between the crying and having no voice...I was just a mess.

But, today was beautifully hot and we got transfers. I'm leaving! I get to get out of the tiny, little apartment here and go to Kumagaya where I will be one zone over from my beloved Dopp Shimai. Things are looking bright. 

I don't know anything about my new companion yet. I saw a picture though, she's adorable. I'm excited!

This week we ran around saying good bye to everyone. So many tears. Mostly just from me. Warren Shimai had only been here for one transfer so she still didn't get to know how awesome and wonderful everyone is. And now she never will... They are closing the sisters’ area in Sakado. I think I might have mentioned that was a possibility last week. It's for sure now. It's so sad. But, this week I really got to see, or maybe rather Heavenly Father showed me through little things that everything will be ok. I just saw miracle after miracle this week.

Maybe they wouldn't seem like miracles to anyone else, but they were miracles for me. It's such a testimony that Heavenly Father knows everything. He knew this was going to happen and he is going to take care of our people. For example: One of our investigators, who disappeared for months, came to eikaiwa Wednesday. One of the Elders’ investigators had told them he was going to bring two friends. One of the friends was our old investigator! Kikue, who is a Kinjin, and has a really good relationship with elder Adachi.

Good bye dinner with members

Elder Adachi and Muraki chōrō have also run into so many of our investigators recently. They just know everyone! They've been working with Nishibori Kyōdai, so working with Nishibori Shimai will be an easy transition. Just little things, that at face value don't seem like much, but, I know it's The Lord doing His work. One of our less-actives we have been working with wants to go to the temple. And in two weeks she has read it past Mosiah in the Book of Mormon! So exciting! That's a lot of reading, her heart is changing. 

My girls from eikaiwa class

Also, my new area is really close to Sakado. So, it's not really good bye. One member already said she will come visit me! It makes me really happy. I'm just happy. Or rather, I just feel peace. 
The gospel brings happiness. It doesn't mean you'll always be happy. That's a lie. But, it means you can always choose to be happy. You can choose to look for the good. That's probably one of the biggest lessons I have learned here. We get to choose. And I'm choosing happiness. 

Harumi! She told me she would write me love letters haha

On Sunday one of our investigators came all the way to Urawa for church and probably mostly to say goodbye. She had to leave right after too, I'm guessing her husband didn't know she'd come. But it made me so happy. She sat and listened and there were things said that we're just for her. It was really great.

Also, at one point during the meeting I realized I could understand everything being said. I was shocked! And then, after I realized that I stopped understanding everything! It was so frustrating! I was thinking about it too hard! Gah! But, it was cool while it lasted. 

I don't have much to included lots of pictures this week. 

Oh also, if you are sending me letters after the end of next week send them to my home address. If you send them after that I don't know if they will make it in time. 
(Editor's note: 1784 Rush Scottsville Road, Rush, NY 14543 USA)

I love you! 
Sister Molinari

Eikaiwa class

Random badger crossing the street.
I guess he had to get to the other side?