Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Is It Still Raining???

14 April 2015 Sakado

The other pictures didn't make it this week,
due to the snow or rain, perhaps. This one even has some issues. 
Well, another week has flown by! We were pretty busy. Not really with lessons, but with other good things. 

Tuesday we had zone conference. It was really good. President Budge was really teaching by the spirit. It made it very interesting and enjoyable. The three big themes of the conference seemed to be choosing or finding light, obedience and becoming master teachers.

I really enjoyed talking about light. He and Sister budge wrote opposites on the board- good,evil, joy, misery, etc., and then at the top wrote light and dark. Now, we are suppose to look for the light in people, find the light, connect and build on it. But, when we get home we will be normal people again, we will live normal lives BUT we should still be looking for the light in things and probably people still too. 

There is music that has light in it and music that has darkness. How you respond to it and how it makes you feel is a clear indication of which side it swings on. Entertainment too, books, movies, TV shows..they all have light and dark. And we need to choose the light. Then we can become lights too. We can glow, and be beacons and examples for others. 

Here is the exciting news for the week:

At the end of the conference all returning missionaries gave their final testimonies. There were only a few of us. I had planned out what I was gonna say, and then that morning decided that was not really the direction I wanted to go in. I started off by saying my mission has not been the best year and a half of my life. If I said anything but that it would be a lie. BUT without a doubt it has been the best year and a half FOR my life. And, despite all the challenges, if I felt like God told me to go on another mission I would be back in an instant. 

We got new iPads! And they work beautifully. And have soooo much space! Where was this at the beginning of my mission?

It snowed on Wednesday! What!? I know right?! It's suppose to be spring! 

My bicycle decided it wanted to be a bucking bronco this week. Basically it's starting to fall apart. So a piece of my flashlight fell off and went flying into the air. I didn't know it was my flashlight so I braked really quickly, but the skirt I was wearing wasn't really conducive to quickly braking so the result was the back end of my bicycle flying straight up in the air. Warren Shimai was amazed. She didn't know bicycles could do that. I was just amazed and very glad iI don't get thrown off my bicycle! 

Yesterday we had an awesomely busy day. I love when our days are packed. It just makes me happy. And we got fed lunch and dinner which made me soooo happy cus to be honest, I'm a little sick of cooking. We had some awesome lessons and fun time with members. I have the funniest story but no time! I'm so sorry. I'll share next week. 

We got to go to the temple today! Yay! I'm so happy. So happy. Life is good right now. I love the gospel. I love living it. It's happiness. Even when it's not. 

Love you all so much. 
So sorry this letter is poop. 
I have lots of emails I wanted to reply to individually. 

Love you!
Sister Molinari