Saturday, October 19, 2013

Accessories Part I

Lately I've been feeling super lazy. As a result of this laziness, there haven't been any posts. Today I finally convinced myself to make a post. I set up all my jewelry, pulled out my camera, turned it on and up flashes the "battery exhausted" notice. Of course my battery is dead! It would've been too easy if it hadn't. After searching for my charger (with no luck) I finally had to resort to using my old camera. But, I'd say the pictures turned out ok...I'm breaking up accessories into parts. Today is jewelry. Stay tuned for belts, scarves and shoes. It's amazing how much an outfit can change with accessories!
I'm gonna admit I am having a hard time with necklaces. I've been told a few different ways to tell if a necklace or other jewelry is "mission appropriate." But then I see pictures of sister missionaries with jewelry that doesn't fit those rules. My friend also informed me that, in Brazil, the sisters were told to wear bright, loud jewelry to grab people's attention. Needless to say this has been tough for me. I am a big fan of statement necklaces, I think they pull an outfit together really nicely. Or, if you are stuck wearing the same clothes for 18 months, they could completely change the look of an outfit. But the question is; how much statement is too much statement? Well, this is what I've come up without further mission jewelry...

Super cute, right? I'm a fan. And most of it wasn't even too expensive! Let me give you the dirt on where to find what.

 1. I can't find the joy necklace online anymore but they do have a hope necklace for $3.80. And I KNOW the joy necklace is in stores at Forever21
2. Forever21 Wiener dog necklace for $2.80
3. Crazy8...Yes, I know it's a kids clothing store but they have cute accessories sometimes!
4. Charlotte Russe. I paid $6 for it but you can get Jewelry 2 for $10
5. Etsy for $5.30 at this shop
6. Etsy for $14.00. These are actually in my shop

7. Charming Charlies. This was $14 and came with earrings too.
8. Etsy. Same shop as #5. If you buy three or more it is free shipping! And since shipping is $5 you might as well get another necklace. Just use code FREESHIPPING
9. I made this! I cost less than $10 to make. You just paint big (wooden) balls and put them on a chain.
10. Pandora Bracelet. I'm not a big bracelet wearer but my best friend got this for me and I love it.
11. Charming Charlies-again! Only $13.00. This is my all time favorite watch. I bought a couple to bring with me too since they are cheap. I tried buying a nicer quality watch but I just didn't like it as much as these beauties
12. Forever21. I think this was around $10. It isn't on-line but it is in stores!
**The first necklace I made (in memory of my time at Disney) and the second necklace was a gift. I love layering these. It gives an outfit a unique twist.

Stay tuned for accessories part II! 

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