Sunday, October 6, 2013

la Orana

In February my brother got called to serve in the Tahiti, Papeete mission. He was at BYU so he opened it with us via Sykpe. When the poor guy opened his call, and read Tahiti no one believed him! But, he was telling the truth and, after 12 weeks in the MTC learning how to teach the gospel in French AND Tahitian, he is finally leaving Provo and is flying to Tahiti TOMORROW!
Here he is leaving for the Provo MTC, back in July. As the oldest child, I usually get to experience most things first, but he beat me to the MTC!
I am sooo proud of him. He is going to be such a wonderful missionary and the Tahitian people are lucky to have him for two years. You can follow him and read about his MTC and missionary adventures too! He has a blog called Tahiti Times.
Above are two pictures of Tahiti. He may be in paradise, but he is also in the middle of nowhere. On most maps you can't even see Tahiti, or the Cook Islands where he will be. On this map his little islands are magnified so you actually can see them! We are both going to be on islands in the Pacific. But, mine is a little easier to find! The picture to the right is what Kristoffer, or Elder Molinari, will get to experience for the next two years! Jealous anyone? I know I am. But only because he gets to skip out on winter for two years!

Anyways, it would be super cool if you would write him! Well, I think it would be anyways... And super funny. He would get all these letters from people he didn't know and I'm sure he wouldn't figure out why he was getting them at first. I think it'd be great. He's a good looking guy and he always has something interesting or funny (and often times sarcastic) to say. And, although he would probably say otherwise, I bet he would love the unexpected mail (and the mystery behind it). We don't know how often he will have  access to the internet so email is out! Thank goodness for snail mail! Here is his new address: 

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