Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello From Japan!

12 October 2014 Sakado

Where we have another typhoon coming tomorrow! Woo-hoo! Don't worry, we are safe. Typhoons don't hit us too hard where we are. They've lost a lot of power by the time they get here.

Ok this week was full of appointments. Soo many. We were busy, busy. We have a lot of really awesome people we are working with, but no one seems to really be progressing, so hopefully this week we can do something about that. The gospel is great. And a lot of our investigators know's just the applying it to their lives part that is a little difficult. We have an adorable 80some year old less active member who is really progressing though. She read the Book of Mormon this week and was sooo proud of herself. It was great!

Ok funny story of the week:

We went to an English class that one of our investigators runs. It was for elementary school kids. It was so fun. We broke up into two groups and after I asked the kids two questions each they asked me questions.

They were:
1. How old are you?
2. Do you have a boyfriend?
3. Are you married?
4. What are you looking for in a man?
5. How many kids do you want?

I was laughing pretty hard. Those 5 to 8 year old boys were pretty bold!

Cool story of the week:

I got to blow a dart gun...I think that is what they are called...

One of our eikaiwa students does it professionally. She let Sister Hall and I try. Sooo fun! 'The arrow'     goes in the tube and then you blow! And bam! It hits the target. I was pretty good too. I think I hit a few cm under the center of the target my first 'blow'. Sister Hall missed the first time, but came back with a really awesome..third hit I think. It was really close to the center of the target! What an experience. Super fun!

Sorry I don't have much time this week. I love you all. General conference was amazing. If you didn't have a chance to watch/read/ listen here is your chance...

I loved it all, but during the Sunday afternoon session elder Bednar spoke "Come and See". It was very good. I highly suggest it.

Ok, till next week.


Sister Molinari