Wednesday, October 22, 2014


21 October 2014 Sakado

We had a surprise sisters temple p-day! No one thought we would have one because this transfer is only 5 weeks. But we did! It was so fun! I loved seeing everyone. There are some really special people here in Japan right now and I am so lucky I get to serve with them!

We have a "BIG SUNDAY CHALLENGE" coming up next month. We've started working on it now. The missionaries were assigned to go visit the ward members who are in leadership positions this last week to personally invite them to invite others to church that Sunday. One of the people we visited was Mori shimai. While we were visiting she told us about her friend she really wants to come to church. She's never been interested in the church before, but whenever she is having a hard time she always calls Mori shimai. Well, Mori shimai decided she was going to give her a Book of Mormon. She made a beautiful cover for it and is going to write her testimony, or personal feelings and beliefs, about the Book of Mormon inside it. She was really excited to give it to her.

Together we prayed for her friend, and we continued to pray for her each time we said a pray the rest of the day. This was on Tuesday. Tuesday ended up being a bust day. No one was home! And no one was interested. 

Thursday morning comes around and we receive a call from Mori shimai. Her friend had called her. She decided, on her own, she wanted to meet with the missionaries and is meeting with them Monday! Wow! Miracles happen! Sometimes it takes a little longer than we think to see them. Or maybe we will never see them. But, that doesn't mean that they aren't happening.

I love the eikaiwa students here. They say the funniest things!  One old man told us his wife was no good! And another said she has no friends. Our topic this week was relationships so they all got a kick out of boyfriends and girlfriends. Super funny. After eikaiwa we were talking to one of our students, she is also an investigator. Sister hall wanted to know how to pronounce travel Japanese. In nihongo it sounds very similar to a name. It's 'Ryokou. Our investigator had no idea what she was trying to say and then sister hall tries to clear it up by saying she wants to know how to pronounce it, speaking in Japanese. She kept saying hastwon, first I wasn't sure what she was saying, then I realized she was saying hatsuon or pronunciation, incorrectly. I figured she was doing it purposely, playing with the word. Our investigator finally looked at me for help. I said "hatsuon" and our investigator burst out laughing. It was pretty funny since she was pronouncing the word for pronunciation wrong. We laughed for a good while, and Sister Hall never got an answer to her question.

We had lots of lessons this week but my favorite was probably one that didn't really end up being a was with a member and her friend. And the member totally kidnapped the lesson!!! And then killed it!

We went from talking about God to charity to "let me see your family pictures" to festivals and who knows what else. Oh it was hilarious. I kept chuckling to myself. What made it even better was how flabbergasted Sister Hall was hat it was happening. Oh it was great. I'll have to send a picture of the two of them next week!

I feel like I had so much to write about and now I can't remember any of it! We had president interviews this week. I love my mission president. He is inspired. We had a really, really good interview and I'm just so grateful for him. I love being a missionary and I love everything that I am learning. I know I'm being prepared for the future. It's really great. I love sister hall too. She's real out great.
Me, Sister Hall and (ed. note: I don't know who) "friend"
"Yummy food"!

We went to a festival this week...I wasn't too impressed but there was yummy food and we went with a friend so it was fun! We got soaked in the rain. We had many, many odd encounters; just your regular old mission week. But it was really fun.

I love you all! 

If I didn't reply to your email, I will next week. We have no time today. 

I've included some pictures to make up for the lack of words!

-Sister Molinari