Monday, December 15, 2014


15 December 2014 Sakado

LDS Tokyo Temple
 This week was awesome! So great. I've been sick and poor Sister Hall has been dragging me around all week, but despite that it was still awesome. There were so many miracles and I just am so happy. I love Sakado. I love being a missionary. 

This morning was crazy! We had transfer calls. Oh my goodness, I was so nervous I forgot to eat breakfast! We just kept waiting and waiting for the call and it wasn't coming and we had an appointment we had to go to! As we were walking out the door the other sisters’ phone rang! Ah! We put it on speaker and all four of us got our calls together. Elder Egbert, the assistant, just talked for what seemed like forever! Oh it was awful I just wanted to know what was happening! First was Sister Christensen and we all knew where she was going...home! Then her companion Oshimi shimai was next. She is going to Niigata! Sakado is down to only one pair of sisters! Ah! Next was Hall shimai and she is transferring! Then finally me. I was staying in Sakado! And I'm training! 

I'm still in shock. Me and my new companion just inherited all the other sisters’ investigators! And I‘m training! Ah! Also, I'm really going to miss Hall shimai. I learned a lot from her! 

After transfers we met with Takahashi San and just had the funniest day ever. She took us to this beautiful spot in Sakado where you could see mountains all around (including Fuji san) and had us sing amazing grace, then we went to a flower shop and then she took us to two shrines and got us lunch. While deciding where to take us for lunch she told us this "I really want to get yakisoba but there is not meat in that, just cabbage and carrots, and Sister Molinari needs to get fatter so she needs meat." We ended up going and getting katsu which is meat. It was delicious. Hopefully I don't get fat though. We laughed and had so much fun. It was really great. 

Ok. Time for miracles...
So the Christian lady I told you about last week, who didn't seem like a fan of church, called us this week and asked if we could meet. I was expecting to get chewed out a little... But that didn't happen! She told us she is looking for something and what she felt at church she hadn't felt before/ in a long time. She came to church again on Sunday! And she told us she has three friends she wants us to visit. And during lunch her friend appeared and she invited her to come to church and when the friend said no she couldn't she told her if she doesn't come once she won't know what she is missing. She has only come to church once and she is already inviting other people and doing missionary work! Wow! 

The other lady that came to church, Morisaki San, was able to meet with us this week! We were able to teach her more about prayer (she hadn't prayed) and the Book of Mormon. We had an awesome doseki, Nohagi shimai, who just did an amazing job talking about prayer and the Book of Mormon. Morisaki San was very nervous about praying. It seemed like she really believed she would be praying to someone so she wanted to do it right. I thought that was so cool. What faith! Saturday night we called Morisaki San and we followed up on prayer and reading the Book of Mormon. She had done both! She has been praying everyday and she said she has become genki! It makes here so happy! We really can receive answers and feel God's love when we pray! I have felt it and so has she! 

Park near temple
Sunday was crazy! Sister hall and I have been planning a surprise party for the two missionaries who are going home this week, and for Ro for her birthday and our ward mission leader who is going back to America. Oh it was quite the fiasco. Multiple people thought they were the ones who planned it and after being invited to the party I planned, multiple times on Sunday, I've decided I'm never going to throw a surprise party again. Nihonjin just don't keep secrets very well. There was just too much going on. Everyone was trying to distract different people and then ultimately the surprise was blown when an investigator who does not like coming to church walked in. Oh what a mess! And then once it finally got started we thought it would be smooth sailing from there but nope. A member and I went and got the cake for the birthday girl, walked back into the room and started singing, everyone joined in and then we realized the birthday girl wasn't in the room! Everyone got a really good laugh at that. All in all it was really fun. And everyone who we threw it for was really grateful. So I'd say it was a success. 

I feel like I experienced a lot of personal growth this week. Nothing big, but little things finally clicking into place. I feel like I'm being set up for a really awesome rest of my mission. I'm excited to see what it holds. I really do love being a missionary. It's wonderful. 

I love you all! 


Sister Molinari