Monday, March 30, 2015

Here in Sakado...

30 March 2015 Sakado

Hello! Guess what!? It's finally Spring!

I'm loving it! I've already got a watch tan going and I am honestly just so happy right now. It's warm and sunny and the Sakura are about to blossom/ some have blossomed. It's great. You can't help but smile when the sun it out...and it is actually warm!

Well, this week was a pretty slow week. Not much to report on. We had a few lessons here and there but we sure weren't as busy as we usually are. That's ok. This week will be better.

Oh wait! I lied. We had a very, VERY exciting Thursday morning. So, we headed out on our bikes to go visit a less active. That was actually a pretty funny lesson. But, back to before that. So I turn out of our apartment’s parking lot and I pass this girl, I'm pretty sure she was texting and the thought popped into my head "she's gonna crash into my companion." And before I could turn or look or do anything I hear BAM!!!! And I turn around and see bikes and girls sprawled all over the road. Both my companion and the girl looked shocked, or dazed; maybe both.

I hopped off my bike and ran over. Sister Warren seemed ok, and I was a little more concerned about the girl. What if she made a big thing about it and we had to call the police?! Well, I think she had the wind knocked out of her so I told her she should sit. She plops herself down in the middle of the street. That wasn't quite what I I got her moved to the side. We moved bikes and checked to see if everything and everyone was ok. Sister Warren’s tire was mangled! It is no longer shaped like a circle. Haha. Luckily we have a spare bike at the church so she is using that until we get a new tire. Everything turned out fine. Sister Warren seemed a little dazed for the rest of the day though. Poor girl.

Our lesson was just as exciting, well, not really. But it was really good. Nakesone shimai really felt the spirit. Her eyes kept tearing up as we talked about the Book of Mormon and why we have it and need it. I loveee the Book of Mormon. I never understood why people said that before my mission. I thought it was good, but I sure didn't love it. But how, I love it! I love reading it. It seriously has the answers to everything in it. I took Sister Nelsons challenge and have been searching for an answer in it each day. And I find one every day. It's been a lot of fun. And really helpful too. And because I am doing it, I can promise our investigator who is trying to do it that it really works. It's just great.

But, back to Nakesone shimai's lesson. At the end we challenged her to read the Book of Mormon every day before she turns the TV on. She loves TV. And we are quite sure it's what keeps her from reading. Then we gave her a chart to mark her progress. She looked a little peeved. Hahaha now she really has to do it!

Thursday evening to Friday I got to go on exchanges with Sister Ellis. We had a lot of fun. We gave four or five people Books of Mormon the next day! Super fun. She is a boss. And I learned so much from her. She learned the coolest approach from an elder. And I'm working on making my own version. But this is what he says to people he just meets:

"If God were really there, and he had a plan just for you, wouldn't you want to hear it?"

Most people say yes. "What if this is your only chance to hear it? Do you think you will get another chance?" 
Crazy right! And so so so true. Sister Ellis does it a little different. And I will too. But it is so true. God has a plan for each of us. We are each here on this earth to accomplish something only we can do. And what if we only get one chance to learn about it? Wouldn't you want to take it?

Ok, I thought of something else. This was soooo funny. We had a lesson with one of our investigators and we were talking about Buddhist beliefs and her beliefs. They were interesting. But, we were asking about what she believes she would be reincarnated as and Sister Warren wanted to know what would happen when the world ended. She was a little stumped, then said I guess I'll go to Mars! And become an alien? Yes. Do you believe in aliens? No. Hahaha. Then it got better.

I wanted to know if they could be reincarnated in the past. It sounds like a silly question as I'm typing it but I really was curious. I guess that's really time travel though... But anyways the result was a very, very funny conversation where we were given quite the insight on what they teach in Japanese schools. Cavemen used big heavy rock money with a whole in the center of it. It kind of looks like the first wheel. They used it to buy mammoth meat. And yes mammoths and dinosaurs were around at the same time. The five cent yen coin is probably based on the giant rock money they used back then. We were all laughing so hard.

The lesson ended up being really good at the end. Really good. She asked if there had always been bad people and bad things. We opened our Books of Mormon and both went to the same place. Answers are in that book! I don't have time to go into it but it was sooo good! Then when she prayed she told Heavenly Father that she wants to learn more.

That made me so happy!

Ok I'm running out of time. 

Love you!