Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello Everyone!

 6 April 2015 Sakado

This week was a pretty slow week. We were able to go see Sakura with quite a few people though, so that was fun. The weather here is beautiful. We had two cold days and now it has warmed back up again! Yay! This week we have zone conference...I have to give my goodbye testimony....weird! And the following week is temple p-day so I won't be writing until Tuesday. I am so excited to go to the temple! And after sister Warren and I are gonna go see some sites. Should be fun.

Ok so...I really don't have much to write...

We have continued to be in contact with the police because of Sister Warren’s bicycle crash. Things just aren't being tied up yet. But, luckily we have amazing ward members who are more than willing to help. Today one of our members told Sister Warren "always call me if you need help." I love her! While talking to the police this week the man I was talking to asked for my name "morinari desu". Then he asked me what the kanji was! I was so flattered. I told him it had none, I'm gaijin. But, I'm so grateful I sound enough like a nihonjin on the phone to be asked that. It made my night.

On Thursday we went with Nakasone shimai to see sakura. We had a less than successful lesson, there is this giant hill that we need to get over. She is under the impression that, because she has faith she doesn't need to do anything else. Well, that's not true! She loves Christ so much. So maybe I need to study some New Testament and find a new way of presenting "faith without works is dead."

Anyways, after we went to see Sakura! The poor thing did not realize how far we had to go! She said it was so close by car. She struggled along, and on the way back home she held my hand for support. But, it was worth making it to the park! It was beautiful. And she seemed very happy too. Walking home we didn't say much, but I think as I helped her along it showed we were here for her. Something I think she needed to know. It was really special.

We got to see Saturday's session of general conference. It was so good. I especially liked Sister Linda K. Burton's talk and...well, like usual I forgot my notebook and I have a bad memory so I don't have much to say...I will write more next week. But, I will invite each of you to go and watch general conference. Sunday morning session is generally my favorite. And while I have not seen it yet, it has already happened in America and can be watched here it's great! And if you watch with a question, and a sincere desire to find an answer then I promise that you will find an answer. It might not be what you
expected. But, it there will be an answer.

I can't wait for next Sunday to watch the rest of conference!

Today while visiting a less active member, as we were leaving and Sister Warren stood up, the member said "my you're tall, you're like Mount Fuji compared to me!" I laughed so hard. So hard.

I hope you enjoy the sakura pictures because I am out of things to say!

Love you all!