Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting My Call

I've had my call for a few months now, but I thought it'd be fun to tell everyone a little bit about it. After I put my papers in we realized that my call could come on my birthday (July 12th)! We all thought that would just be the greatest. Not only was it my birthday, but it was the opening day of the Hill Cummorah Pageant. What a perfect day to get a mission call, right? Well, I guess the Lord had other plans...Friday came and went with no mission call. And then Saturday, when I hopefully checked the mail, there was still no mission call. Monday came around and I didn't expect much. So, when I received a text from my dad with a picture of my call envelope I was blown away. It was here! I impatiently waited for the end of work and then raced home. With my family and some of my closest friends, I finally got to open my mission call.
Now, if you've read my blog title, you all know where I am going. But, at that moment, no one knew where I was going. Everyone had made their guesses (mostly in places around Europe) and I was sure I was going to Idaho. There was a little part of me perfectly happy not knowing where I was going. But certainly not enough to keep me from opening it! As I read the first few lines, I was hit with the feeling that no matter what I read next, it was where I was needed to go. When I read Japan, Tokyo, I couldn't believe it! In all my mission day dreams, Tokyo had never crossed my mind. It took quite a while for that to sink in. And..maybe it still hasn't completely... But, I know that I am suppose to serve a mission, it is what Heavenly Father wants me to do and I am willing to go where ever he needs me to go. I cannot wait to leave and go share the gospel with the people of Japan!

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