Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Dress EVERY Sister Missionary Should Get

Alright, I ordered this dress a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I actually received the dress the day before I left on vacation so I haven't had any time to truly appreciate it until now. And let me tell you, it is perfect. It has a flattering shape, it is the perfect length and there is enough of a skirt that you can ride a bicycle with no problem (something I have to worry about).

The first time I saw this dress, I was on Pinterest. It is on almost everyone's Sister missionary board. So, naturally, I pinned it as well. I wanted to order it but, I wasn't sure. As you can see, the dress doesn't look all the flattering off someone and even on the model it still didn't look that great. On top of that the dress is $42.43. Normally I wouldn't have a problem spending that on a great dress. But, I couldn't try it on and I had to rely on the sizing chart to know what size to get. Both of those factors made me a little nervous. So, the dress what put on the back burner as an "order later."

A little later I came across this blog ( by someone who had given her own opinion on whole bunch of ASOS dresses she had ordered. Luckily, the black dress I had my eye on was one of the dresses! It looked gorgeous on her! And, she shared what size she ordered too, and said that the ASOS sizing was spot on. Basically, she convinced me that ordering this dress was good idea.
So, there is this awesome website called Chicservative. It is a collection of modest clothing, from all different stores, all in one place. Awesome right? Yeahhh it is. Anyways, I found the dress there ( and  I took it as a sign. Clicked the link, and BAM the dress was ordered.

Well, here is me in the dress. I absolutely love every thing about it. The material is amazing. It is soft and stretchy but still holds it's shape and structure. The dress has a natural waist and then it hits right below the knee. Also, it is SO fun to twirl in. But that is a side note.. The sizing chart that ASOS gives is right on. I ordered a 4 (which made me a little nervous) and it was perfect. I'm so glad I didn't order a smaller size because I would've been in trouble. Shipping is free and I used a coupon (summer4ever) which made it even cheaper. I don't know if my coupon code is any good anymore. But, there is always a 10% student discount and if you wait long enough I'm sure another coupon code will show up too. Moral of the story: order this dress.

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