Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Skirts, Skirts and More Skirts

Well, here are my sister missionary skirt contenders. You'll have to excuse the wrinkles-I was testing the size of my suitcase vs. the clothes I want to pack, and they ended up staying in there for a little bit. As I hung all my skirts up I realized I have quite the collection of boring skirts, and they are all similarly colored...but I love them anyways.
I hate when I find a really promising sister missionary blog and when they talk about where they got their skirts and dresses and everything else they just say "try Forever21, Kohls and department stores." That doesn't help me! But it left me to find skirts on my own and I think I did ok... Also, I am 5' 8" and all these skirts are the right length for me. And, on top of that, I wear everything at my natural waist and they STILL are long enough.

So, here is the break down of skirts:

Alright, these three skirts are vintage. I love vintage! The two blue ones were thrifted and the third was from Etsy. If you haven't heard of Etsy you are missing out. It's this super neat website were people can sell things they have made. I buy things on there all the time (and I also have my own shop). They also sell vintage on there! All you do is search skirts under vintage and BAM you have a plethora of skirts with attractive silhouettes and an appropriate sister missionary length.

These two beautiful skirts are from Forever21. I don't think the gray one exists any longer on the website but, winter is coming so give it a month or so and they will probably have a similar one. The black one, however, is still there. And it comes in a few different colors! I actually have it in Black and Blue. They are so light and flowy, I love them. And, this skirt is only $17.80.
You can get it here:

These two skirts are from one of my new favorite stores; Old Navy! Both are from a few seasons ago but, there are similar styles on-line now.
 Here is the link to the skirts similar to the grey one: The new version hits my knee so, if you are shorter than me it would probably be perfect! I also own a few of these skirts that could work great for someone a little shorter than me as well . Both are modest for me, but not missionary length.

These are from Lands-End. The khaki skirt (which I still might not bring on my mission) was the old version of the black skirt. They are called chino skirts. The black skirt is still online. The skirt is $40.00 but right now is the friends and family sale so you could get 30% off! I love this skirt. It is made of a hardier material and has a really flattering look. You can still look professional but it is sooo comfy you feel like you could be in a jersey skirt. Also, there are a whole bunch of other cute modest skirts and dresses on-line as well. One of my other favorite dresses on Lands-End...who knew right??

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