Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ah, No Time!

18 May 2015 Kumayaga

Sister Kubota and her exchange companion,
me and Dopp Shimai in background

Hello everyone! I am soooo sorry but I have no time to write today! We had a busy, busy day!

But, here are my two favorite parts of the week:

It was soooo fun. I felt like we had never been separated. We just picked up right where we had left off, except that we can speak Japanese and had an entire year and almost a half of mission experiences to talk

about and share. I love Dopp Shimai. I love her testimony and I love watching her dendō. It's great and she is great. In the MTC our companionship was inspired. We were made and prepared for one another and we just help one another. It's funny we have served completely different missions. But, Dopp Shimai still knows exactly what to say to help me. It was the best. Something we both probably prayed for for the first four transfers of our mission haha.


Sunday after church we had no plans. Nothing. So we went housing! I love housing. We talked to a few awesome people and quite a few not so awesome people. Right after we met a rather rude lady I heard his tiny little voice say "konnichiwa." I thought I'd imagined it! I looked at sister Kubota to see if she had heard it too and she had! But we didn't see anyone. We heard it again and finally found the source; a little girl was looking out her window and had called out to us. We talked to her for a few minutes, found out her parents weren't home but her mother would return at 8:10 that night so we told her we would come back.

Kubota and me

We headed back home and after dinner we would go back to the house. 

Side story: Sunday after lunch I felt like I should put an English Book of Mormon in my bag, in addition to my Japanese one, so I did and carried it around all day. After dinner I thought to myself Heavenly Father I carried this around all day, we didn't run into anyone who could read it. But I got the feeling to keep it in. So I did. 

Ok so we go back to the house, it was super dark and there was no ping pong (ed. note: intercom) and the gate was closed and "locked" so we didn't know what to do, finally we figured we might as well open the gate-oh well and opened it, knocked and waited.

A lady came to the door and I thought she was going to kekko us by the tone of her voice. But then, she switched to English! And we had an amazing conversation! Turns out she is from the Philippines. She speaks perfect English. We continue talking. Tell her about ourselves and why we are here and about church. I knew this is why I had the English Book of Mormon and waited patiently for the perfect time to bring it out. And the perfect time happened!

She asked if we study the bible at church and I said we did and this book too and then I pulled it out of my bag and told her this might sound kind of strange but I felt like I needed to put an English book in my bag today! Ah! So we talked a bit about it and then she felt like it was for her and an answer to her prayers because she had wanted to read a new book, almost ordered one but then felt like she should wait.

Whaaaa! Crazy! She kept telling us we were angels and answers to her prayers and God sent. Oh it made me so happy. So happy. And we are meeting her again Thursday. So excited. She said she would read a chapter a day from the Book of Mormon! She is so prepared!

Oh something funny... This happened while we were walking through a neighborhood. As we were walking we walked by someone's yard, it had a thick garden, and sister Kubota says "look! It's the garden of Gethsemane ...I mean Eden." Hahaha!

I love you all!


Sister Molinari