Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hello Everyone!

26 May 2015 Kumagaya

Today is temple p-day. Sorry I forgot to mention that last week. So much fun seeing everyone.

This week was a funny week. We had lots of appointments scheduled, made big goals and well, we sure didn't hit them. So many of our appointments canceled or just didn't show up. But, I can't say I'm too disappointment. Through plans not going as planned we saw miracles. We were able to follow promptings and see answers to prayers. It was a good week.

So on Monday we got to go see BYU symphony orchestra with a few of our friends. It was so fun listening to real music. Sister Kubota and I got all dressed up...in the same thing we wear everyday...you know, dressing up isn't to special when you wear a skirt and blouse every day. But, her and I decided to match. We looked cute. Forgot to take a picture though. We both had on our blue blazers and blue shirts. Uchiyama San, who we rode the train with asked if they were our uniforms! Haha.

My favorite miracle of the week was Saturday. We were supposed to have a lesson after eikaiwa. Well, they didn't show up. So we decided to visit Kurihara San. She was sick. Very sick. Like, ran to the bathroom to puke sick. Needless to say, she wasn't feeling up to a lesson so we headed home. But, I really didn't want to go home. Nothing had gone as planned. So I started thinking of who we could visit and a less active's name, Yo Shimai, who I'd never met, popped into my head. So, I suggested it to Kubota Shimai and we went. On our way I prayed that something would actually come out of it. We got there and she was home, knocked, no answer, knocked again and after waiting 5 or 10 minutes she finally answered the door. And, she let us in! We chatted
for a while and every time we tried to end the conversation she would keep talking! I think she is a little lonely studying all the time and she misses the missionaries and members. She even told us she misses church. She never eats dinner (cus she is too busy studying) so we told her we would come back this Wednesday and give her dinner.

I got to talk more about commandments this week. During a lesson, I just went on and on and was a little worried I'd spoken a bit too long. Our investigator, after I finished, asked "how did you come to have such strong faith in God?" I was so surprised by her question. And it quite honestly made my whole day. I don't think in my mind I'd put the two together. Yes, I keep the commandments because I believe in God, but I guess it's really much deeper than that. I know God loves me. He loves each of us. And he gave us commandment because he loves us. He has given us so much because he loves us. And because I love and believe in him, because I know He is there, I choose to keep those commandments. Sorry, I don't know how to explain how it clicked in my head...

I love Kubota Shimai! She rocks. We had lots of fun this week and laughed lots and lots.