Monday, May 4, 2015


4 May 2014 Kumagaya

Kumagaya is the hottest place in Tokyo! It feels like summer here! I am loving it. Within two days of biking around I got tan! It's great! And because it's so warm and sunny everyone is friendly! Well, that's probably not the real reason...but, regardless of the reason everyone is friendly. It is so fun talking to people. They actually talk to us!

 I feel a little bit like I'm in a dream. I love it here. I don't feel like I will be leaving so soon either. I just got here! Our ward mission leader yesterday told the ward their job is to make me love Kumagaya because it's hard leaving an area when you only have one transfer left. He is the best. He came to all the activities this week and invites our friends and investigators to everyone. He has dendō Fire! 

My companion is super cool; Kubota Shimai. She is from Hawaii, and the same island as my previous companion Nitta Shimai. Small world. She is 19, full of spirit and isn't afraid to stop someone on the street. I am really excited for this transfer together. We just chat and laugh all day. It's great. 

Final goodbyes in Sakado where really sad. I want to go back there for sure some day! And by some day I mean someday soon. Tuesday we ran around all day visiting people. It was super hard cus I got really sick and almost passed out at an investigators house. Luckily I didn't. And luckily it was Takahashi San. She is basically my mother here in Japan so it was only a little embarrassing. She was going to teach us how to do ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) but I got really sick. So she taught Warren Shimai and I took a nap. Then we ate a delicious last supper together and said good bye. Probably one of the saddest goodbyes. Then we ran over to Odo shimai's house for dinner. She is super sweet. And speaks English amazingly well. And her testimony is so strong. We ate some delicious curry together and then we ran off to juku. We had a final goodbye with Keiko and all the kids. It was really funny. Every once in a while I would speak Japanese and the kids would be like "ehhhh she speaks Japanese" and when I did it again they would exclaim "she did it again! She did it again!". So funny. After, we headed over to Fukuyama shimai's and said our final goodbye in Sakado. Then we headed home, utterly exhausted and so ready for bed. 

Transfers were quick. It took less than two hours to get here. We met a really cool girl on our way to Kumagaya and she lives one station over from me so I'm hoping we will see her again. I said good bye to Warren Shimai and off she went with her new companion. Sister Kubota and I had a delicious tonkatsu dinner and then headed home and we've been working and having fun ever since. There are some really cool people we are working with. We are gonna see miracles here this transfer! 

Today we spent all day outside playing volleyball and sports. We got together with the members from Oyuzumi, which is the Portuguese speaking area in the mission. It was a lot of fun. Our friend Julia came with us, she is super fun. That girl has a hundred and one hidden talents it's crazy. She draws and plays the piano beautifully and can make crazy costumes. She's awesome! I got a little burnt but it'll be a tan soon enough! It was a really fun day! 

Ok I love you all! 
Here is my new companion, Kubota Shimai, and I